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Card CreatorFace-Off (Game)FAQs
Q. What is BTCTalk.Cards? The site generates real-time custom cards and avatars for members. Members can input their bitcointalk id, customize specifications and site will generate beautiful-looking cards and avatars in just the matter of seconds. Q. What types of cards can be generated on BTCTalk.Cards? There are basically two types of cards, Anniversary Card and Custom Card. On the occassion of 10th anniversary of, site acknowledges participation of every member. Every member will have his/her own unique looking card. Whereas Custom Card is pro-looking card containing avatar, user stats and more. Q. What is reputation? Reputation is integral value denoting how trustworthy and knowledgable member is. Higher the value, more reputable the member is. We have created a specific formula for the calculation of reputation. The formula takes into consideration variables like positive trust, negative trust, merits earned, posts and activity. Q. What is popularity? Popularity is percentile value. The value of popularity lies between 0-100. 100 means member is most popular on the forum while 0 means no one knows the member. The formula doesn't account trust ratings, therefore, a member cannot have negative popularity. Q. What does the number of stars in custom card denote? The number of stars represent how valuable the card is. The number depends upon the popularity of member. If member has less than 10 popularity score than he/she will be given 1 star:
less than 10 popularity score = 1 star
less than 20 popularity score = 2 stars
less than 50 popularity score = 3 stars
less than 90 popularity score = 4 stars
popularity score between 90 to 100 = 5 stars
Q. What is Card Type in Custom Card Creator? There are three types of custom card - basic, gold and black. Each card has its own value. Basic card has minimal value. Gold card has higher value than basic card thus the user stats namely reputation and popularity will appreciate by 5% and 5 points respectively in Gold card as compared to basic card. Black card is most valuable card and the reputation and popularity appreciate by 10% and 10 points respectively in Black card as compared to basic card.